5 Parameter Patient Monitor

5 Parameter Patient Monitor

The demand for Multiparameter patient monitors are increasing rapidly in order to deliver quality healthcare to the patients. There is a presence of intrinsic connection between various vital aspects including heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure. Get linked to Nareena life sciences pvt Ltd, a leading 5 parameter patient monitor manufacturers in Noida. 

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We deliver smart devices throughout the country. Our offered products are trusted and preferred by reputed clients to ease their day-to-day tasks efficiently. With the notion of providing quality health care, we are available to aid you. We are a well-known 5 Parameter Patient Monitor Suppliers in India. 

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We have emerged as a leading supplier in offering quality instruments to the prominent health institutions. Want to join us? Simply connect to the Nareena life sciences pvt Ltd to get uninterrupted delivery. If you have any stipulation, let us know. We will arrange for you timely. Only the need is to let us know!

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1- screen size- 12. 1 inch

2- ecg- standard three or five lead cable

- hr- adult 15~300bpm, pediatric 15~350bpm

4- resp range- adult 2~120brpm,pediatric: 2! 150brpm

5- accuracy: +/-2brpm

6- temp- range 0~50? ? ? C accuracy:+/-1? ? ? C

7-pr range- 20~300bpm, accuracy:70~100% +/-2

8-spo2- range 0~100%,accuracy:70~100% +/-2

9- nibp- operating mode: mannual/automatic/stat range 10~270mmhg, accuracy: +/-5mmhg

10-interface- ac power connector,usb, rj45, hdmi etc

11- standard configuration- ecg cable,ecg electrode,nibp cuff,nibp tube,spo2 probe, temp probe each one

12- available- ibp, etco2, nellcor or masimo spo2, suntech nibp. Rec,touch,wifi ,scannig,gun card reader and information input module.

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