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Auto CPAP Machine Manufacturers in Noida

Nareena lifesciences pvt Ltd. is a well-established Auto CPAP Machine Manufacturers in Noida. CPAP ventilation is mainly available in medical centres for those who are seriously ill with respiratory concerns, newborn infants, and for the prevention and medication of people facing atelectasis.

How does it work?

CPAP stands for Continuous positive airway pressure. It works on the fundamental to deliver required air pressure into a patient’s airways that acts as a splint by keeping the airways from collapsing. The air delivered is adequately to stop the potential barriers, while maintaining a level of air flow that feels like a natural breathing. To keep the airway open, auto CPAP will adjust on its own to giving the required amount of air pressure. 

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If looking for the best-in quality cpap device, you can refer to us. We are well-known Auto CPAP Machine Suppliers in India. Have a look at our webpage and get familiarized with our offered price along with descriptions and product specifications.

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Nareena's Auto CPAP


  • Work mode : CPAP
  • LCD display : 3.5 inch screen
  • Portable, Stable, Comfortable to use, Noiseless device
  • Auto on/ off, button for quick use
  • FPS (Frames per second) technology to control pump ensures comfortable treatment with Oil free, brush less pump.

Technical Specifications :

  • Treatment mode : CPAP
  • Pressure range : 4~20 cmH2O
  • Pressure accuracy : ±0.5 cmH2O
  • Time-lapse boosting : 0~45min
  • Alarm protection : face mask displacement alarm
  • Power : 100-240V, 50-60Hz DC 24V
  • Automatic altimetric compensation: 3500m
  • USM air circuit system : ultra silence air circuit system
  • PCM : noise removal technology

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