Nebulizer Kit

Nebulizer Kit

As a well-known Nebulizer kit manufacturers in Noida, we provide you with an exclusive range of disposable nebulizer kit, nebulizer kit and nebulizer mask. Get connected to Nareena life sciences pvt ltd, if looking for the effective accessories on timely delivery at cost-effective pricing. 

Product Specifications

  • Nareena Nebulizer Kit having face mask with an integrated NEBULIZER CHAMBER for Nebulizing patients.
  •  The transparent mask is made of (non-toxic) global grade PVC.
  • Nebulizer chamber to contain the drug in a liquid state the funnel shaped vent enables oxygen at high flows to change it, into droplet form to reach the lungs. 
  • Delicate, kink resistant, with a tubing of non-collapsible extension to be connected with oxygen origin.

Get regular delivery

Want to buy it right away? Then, connect to Nareena lifesciences pvt ltd, a prominent Nebulizer Set Suppliers in India. Being a well-known supplier, we are linked to top-notch hospitals. Once associated with us, we assist you with uninterrupted supplies and on-time delivery.

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