HFO-1 Oxygen Therapy Device in Bathinda

High Flow Oxygen Therapy System Manufacturers in Bathinda

Nareena Lifesciences is a reputed High Flow Oxygen Therapy System Manufacturers in Bathinda. High-flow oxygen treatment is a type of non-invasive respiratory support that provides patients with warmed, humidified, oxygen-rich air. It's generally used for individuals who are spontaneously breathing and require greater oxygen flow rates.

High Flow Oxygen Therapy System in Bathinda

If you are looking for reliable HFO Oxygen Therapy Device Suppliers in Bathinda, Nareena Lifesciences is an ideal destination for you. Patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure can benefit from high-flow oxygen Therapy, which can also help them avoid intubation. It helps patients recover quicker after extubation by improving oxygenation, respiratory rate, dyspnea, and patient comfort. This correlates to better results and shorter stays in the ICU.

HFO Oxygen Therapy Device in Bathinda

High flow oxygen therapy or HFO Oxygen Therapy device is designed for patients who require oxygen in large volume which is delivered through a nasal cannula. When used alongside with a humidifier and a preset pressure manifold, it significantly lowers the work of breathing for patients, thereby improving the gas exchange. We offer the latest High Flow Oxygen Therapy System in Bathinda at competitive market price.

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Nareena's HFO-1 Oxygen Therapy Device

During the patient's respiratory treatment, the oxygen therapy system provides a higher flow rate than conventional oxygen therapy through the non-sealing nasal cannula, tracheotomy interface and mas, inhales the mixed gas with adjustable oxygen concentration and controllable humidity to the patient, so as to achieve better air-oxygen management and improve.


  • Humidity >33mg/L at 37 oC, >12mg/L at 34 oC, >12mg/L at 31oC
  • Temperature Seting 31, 34 and 37 oC Flow Range Adult 10 to 80 LMP
  • Pediatrics 2 to 25 LMP Flow Setting Resolution 1 LMP (<25 LMP range) and 5 LMP for (25 to 70 LMP range)
  • Flow Accuracy 0.5 LMP
  • Oxygen Flow Maximum 80 LMP
  • FiO2 Range 21%-100%
  • FiO2 Monitor Accuracy 3%
  • Power 50-60 Hz, 100-115V 1.6A (2.2A max), 220-240 1.2A (3.2A Max)
  • Dimension 273 mm X 170 mm X 175 mm
  • Weight <2.1 Kg
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • SpO2 Monitor Optional

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