Oxygen Concentrator 10 liter Single Flow in Jammu And Kashmir

Oxygen Concentrator 10 liter Single Flow Manufacturers in Jammu And Kashmir

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oxygen concentrator single flow 10liter



Warranty- 2 year


·         INPUT POWER – 550W

·         OXYGEN PURITY- > 90%±3(V/V)

·         FLOW RATE- 0-10L/min

·         Safety- class II ,TYPE A

·         OUTPUT PRESSURE-20Kpa-60kpa

·         Flow rate- 1-10l/min

·         Purity oxygen- 90%±3%

·         Voltage- 220v±22v, 50Hz±1Hz/110v±15v,60Hz±1Hz

·         Output pressure- 20kpa~60kpa

·         Power consumptions-550w

·         Noise- 50db

·         Net weight- 20kgs

·         Dimensions- 344 x 306 x 565(mm)

·         Standard- 1 x power cord

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