Orthopedic Heating Belt in Srinagar

Orthopedic Heating Belt Manufacturers in Srinagar

Are you looking for trusted Orthopedic Heating Belt Manufacturers in Srinagar? If yes, Nareena Lifesciences is the ideal destination for you. The offered heat therapy belt offers great comfy hot for muscle soreness, cramps relief, back pain, injury, also used to relieve menstrual pain or stomach discomfort. It is most suitable for elders, women, office workers and others who are suffering from muscle strain, soft tissue damage, arthritis, etc.

Orthopedic Heat Belt in Srinagar

Most of the people sometimes face muscular or joint pain that can be painful and uncomfortable. In these cases, Orthopedic Heating Belt is a convenient and effective solution to ease the pain by offering controlled heating for hot fomentation. It also helps in muscle strain, relaxes tense muscle, and relieves pain. We offer supreme quality Orthopedic Heating Belt at the best market price in Srinagar.

Orthopaedic Heat Belt in Srinagar

As a reliable Premium Heating Belt Suppliers in Srinagar, we offer a wide variety of medical items in the industry. The offered heating belt comes with three different heat settings which are controlled by a convenient slide switch to produce heat treatment at the ideal temperature for your condition.

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Product Features

  • Voltage - 240 VAC,
  • Wattage - 45/24 WATTS,
  • Size - 9 x 12 inches (Approx)
  • Made from soft material for batter comfort
  • Best quality heating element for longer use
  • Highly flexible belt to cover all the body parts properly Velcro attached elastic straps for easy fixation of the belt
  • 4layers of insulation on the both sides for complete comfort & safety
  • Ensured 100% safety because of in built thermostat

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