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Baby Warmer Manufacturers in Noida

Nareena Baby Warmer manufacturers in Noida respect the obligation to pay close attention when treating newborns. We believe and understand the need for ongoing in-house research and development to bring about innovative technologies that help heal our hands. With this in mind, Narina self-designed Infant Radiant Warmer with a color LCD display and a touch panel with all the control buttons on the LCD display to improve the quality of treatment and avoid stressing the operator. did.

Nareena Radiant Warmer for Newborn Exporter in Noida

Nareena's innovative Baby Warmer is designed to provide newborns with the optimal levels of thermal microenvironment required for delivery rooms, ERs and NICUs. Using an infrared ceramic heating element and a parabolic reflector, the Narina Baby Warmer evenly distributes the heat over the entire surface of the bed to keep the newborn in a comfortable zone. Call us and get Infant Warmer Price and Infant Radiant Warmer Price.

Nareena's baby warmers have the following features: -

A. Comes with 7-inch and 10.1-inch color LCD displays and touch panel

B. Incorporates Sp02 (optional) for newborns

C. Comes with the voice function

D. Jingle game, you can select and play Jingle

E. Temperature control system on the LCD display

F. Baby data supply and search function using USB flash drive

G. Baby's Cloud control function for checking treatment (optional)

H. Built-in hourly power consumption control system

Advance Baby Warmer with touch panel LCD..

At Nareena Lifesciences, we respect your commitment to provide the utmost care in the treatment of Neonates, we believe and understand the need for the continuous in house R & D to bring out the innovative technology. Keeping the same in mind Nareena has developed the Baby warmer with coloured L..

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Hi-Tech Radiant Baby Warmer ( double sen..

Nareena’s Baby warmer comes with  the following features - A- Comes with pre-warmed control modes and dual sensor to sense air and skin temperature efficiently B- This device comes with APGAR facility C- Large LED for various alarms D- The system has a ceramic heater for bette..

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ECO Baby warmer ( single sensor)

Movable ECO Radiant warmer with Fixed height. 2-Nareena's ECO Radiant warmer comes with Pre-warmed control modes and single sensor to sense skin temperature. 3-The controller is a microprocessor based with an accurate Thermistor sensor where calliberation is not required. 4-Large LED for va..

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