Volumetric Infusion Pump Manufacturers

Volumetric Infusion Pump Manufacturers in Noida

Volumetric Infusion pumps are medical machines efficient to provide the continuous and very specific amount of liquids from slow to very fast raters. We at Nareena life sciences appeared as a renowned Volumetric infusion pump manufacturers in Noida. Taking the clients requirement into account, we have appeared with numerous V. Infusion pumps. 


Volumetric infusion pumps are medical devices efficient in delivering the steady and very specific amounts of fluids from slow to fast rates. At Nareena Life sciences, we are a leading Volumetric Infusion Pump Suppliers in India. Our VIPs are used in hospitals, medical-care ,and health centres to enhance the precision and efficiency with patient care and dose administration. 

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Nareena's Volumetric Infusion Pump

Basic Features:

  • 2.8" TFT-LCD screen.
  • Aluminium seamless enclosure
  • Embedded handle, Vertical pole mount via bracket.
  • Highly accurate infusion rate.
  • Anit Bolus system

Technical Features :

Bolus 699ml/h
Flow rate 1 mL/h~699 mL/h
Volume Limit 1 mL~9999 mL
Accuracy < ± 5%
KVO rate 1 mL/h
Occlusion 100 kPa~300 kPa
Power supply 100-240V (50/60Hz)
Battery type Rechargeable Li-polymer battery, 7.4V/ 5000 mAh
Battery operation time >4 hours @ 25ml/h
Charging time 8 h~12 h
Classification CF, Class I
IP Grade IPX2
Temperature +5~+40 °C for operating, -30 °C~+55 °C for storage
Humidity 20~90% for operating, 5~96% for storage
Air pressure 57~106 kPa for operating, 50~106kPa for storage
Infusion set Applicable to GB 8368-2005 disposals; diameters Φ3.5-4.3mm,
Alam Functions Infusion completion,KVO state, Low battery, No power, pressure failure,
air bubble, open door, occlusion, infusion remider and motor failure.
Display Information Flow rate,Total volume, accumulated infusion, volume, residual time.
Weight About 1.9 kg
Dimension 143.6mm×151.8mm×195.3mm

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