LCD Phototherapy System With Touch Screen

LCD Phototherapy System With Touch Screen Manufacturers in Noida

We are the leading LCD Phototherapy System With Touch Screen Exporter in Noida. We provide you with the best LED Phototherapy System With Touch Screen on the market. Our company serves you the best quality products according to your demands. We prefer your choice of buying from us. This machine is a LED light tube that has innovative touch panel LED tech which gives us excellent clinical results in the treatment of newborn infants. We offer Phototherapy at Home and if you want to know Phototherapy Unit Price, connect with us, we provide you list for Phototherapy Machine Price in India.

LED phototherapy system with touch screen supplier Noida comes up with features that provide you with great benefits such as-

  • Our adequate wavelength of 455 to 465 mm with uniform light distribution maximizes bilirubin breakdown.
  • The Omni directional 4 swivels castors out 4 castors 2 front castors are lockable, small castors allow the system to spider under most bassinets or warmers.
  • Our phototherapy system has been designed in such a way that it doesn't have any mechanical moving parts, the system operates at 22,4 DB of the noise level.
  • The phototherapy system offers a baby tray with a soft mattress along with head up/down function, the mattress provided with the system has an optimum level of density, is removable, washable, and with a waterproof cover, the system has an x-ray cassette holder as well. Our system offers 6mm thick transparent acrylic drop-down and lockable side panels, the side panels have been designed to support the movement of probes and sensors.
  • Our system has 2 shelves below the bed for the undersurface phototherapy treatment and storage.
  • The range of radiance allows high-low adjustments for the desired level of treatment.

Some Special Radiance-

  • high radiance mode->45 uW cm.nm
  • Low radiance mode->22 uW cm.nm
  • Our system has an innovative optical design to minimize spelling off light outside the bed.