Hi-Tech Radiant Baby Warmer ( double sensor)

Hi-Tech Radiant Baby Warmer ( double sensor) Manufacturers in Noida

Nareena’s Baby warmer comes with  the following features -

A- Comes with pre-warmed control modes and dual sensor to sense air and skin temperature efficiently

B- This device comes with APGAR facility

C- Large LED for various alarms

D- The system has a ceramic heater for better and proper spread of heat

E- The ceramic heater comes with a safety grill

F- Movable hi-tech warmer with fixed height

G- CRC infant trolley comes with soft waterproof mattress

H- The system has a tiltable infant trolley to tilt the head up and down

I- Adjustable, lockable, unbreakable Polycarbonate side panels

J- an X-ray cassette holding tray is provided in the trolley

K- The machine is designed to facilitate syringe/infusion pumps and shelf to fix monitors

L- Stainless steel, multi hook, IV stand comes with the system.

M- The system also has the facility to facilitate under surface phototherapy machine.

N- The system is mounted on 4 swivel castors for better movement.