Phototherapy Manufacturers in Noida

Nareena's Advance Phototherapy system comes with innovative LED technology which assures excellent clinical results in the treatment of Jaundice which is very common and occurs in around 60 to 65% of Neonates within 10 days of life.

Neonates suffer from this condition due to a lack of normal physiological ability of the Neonates

to break down Bilirubin adequately.
Nareena's LED Phototherapy system with touch panel. uses LED technology to deliver high-intensity Phototherapy treatment, the system offers even distribution of the light with an wavelength of 455 to 465 nm. this phototherapy treatment helps in the breakdown of serum bilirubin level in the blood at the required rate.

• Nareena's photherapy system is companiole with most of the bassinets and medical devices such as radiant babv warmer CU incubators.

Why Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System?

  • Blue LEDs which are capable of producing light of 455 to 465 nm of wavelength required for the treatment.
  • The height of the over-surface phototherapy system can be adjusted from 0.95 m to 1.5 m from the floor, System's over-surface can swivel upto 90 degrees on both the sides.
  • Combination of adapted height intensity wavelength and uniform distribution of the light yields 28 to 30% faster process of serum bilirubin breakdown.
  • Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System comes with an adequate wavelength of 455 to 465 nm with even light distribution that maximizes bilirubin breakdown.
  • • Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System has omni directional 4 swivel castors, out of 4 castors, 2 front castors are lockable and small castors allows the system to slide under most bassinets or warmers.
  • Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System has been designed in such a way that it doesn't have any mechanical moving part inside the machine this helps the system to operate at 22.4 db of noise level.
  • Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System offers a baby tray with a soft mattress along with a head up /down function, the mattress provided with the system has an optimum level of density, a removable and washable waterproof cover, system has X-ray cassette holder as well.
  • Nareena's Baby trolley system offers 6 mm thick, transparent acrylic drop-down and lockable side panels, the side panels have been designed to support the movement of probes and sensors.
  • Nareena's Advance Phototherapy System has 2 shelves below the bed for the undersurface phototherapy treatment and storage.
  • The range of irradiance allows high - low adiustments for the desired level of treatment

Spectral irradiance-

  • High irradiance mode - > 45
  • Low irradiance mode - >