Orthopedic Heating Belt

Orthopedic Heating Belt Manufacturers in Noida

Nareena Lifesciences is renowned Orthopedic Heating Belt Manufacturers in Noida. Most individuals may have muscle or joint discomfort at some time in their lives, which can be severe and uncomfortable. In these situations, a heating pad is a simple yet efficient way to relieve pain by delivering controlled heating for hot fomentation.

Orthopedic Heat Belt in Noida

This health belt improves blood flow, oxygen and nutrition delivery, and removes cell wastes. Its Warmth helps to reduce muscular spasm, relax tight muscles, relieve pain, and improve range of motion. Being a leading Premium Heating Belt Suppliers in India, we ensure to deliver the best range of medical related items in the industry.

Orthopaedic Heat Belt Supplier in India

Top quality features of Orthopedic heating belt-

  • Orthopaedic Electric Heating can be used in various body parts like Back, Knee, stomach, Shoulder, Elbow, Calf, etc
  • Available with low, medium, and high temperature settings
  • Twin thermostats are built-in for precise temperature control
  • Four layers of insulation on either side for safety and optimal proper heat distribution
  • Hand-free operation with cover and belt
  • Ultra soft and washable cotton cover