What is an Oxygen Concentrator and How does it work?

What is an Oxygen Concentrator and How does it work?

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  • Mon Feb 08, 2021
What is an Oxygen Concentrator and How does it work?

There are thousands of equipment which is used in hospitals and medical centres. You may have heard of oxygen concentrators. But, do you know? What exactly an oxygen concentrator is & how it works? 

Oxygen machines give comfort to people having low blood oxygen levels. It's a big machine which makes it difficult for the people who require oxygen therapy to get service outside of homes. Today, there are modern oxygen generators which are smaller, compact, lighter and portable. 

Oxygen concentrator is a medical equipment that gives oxygen to individuals who face problems in breathing or respiratory disorders. When the oxygen percentage is below in someone’s blood, then the oxygen machine helps them in giving an adequate amount of oxygen. 

The concept of oxygen concentrator working is quite simple. The device pulls in the air, and that air passes through a compressor. Then, compressor air goes into the molecular sieve beds. There are two sieve beds. When the compressed air passes through the first sieve bed, nitrogen detaches while oxygen is forced into the tank. As the first sieve bed occupied with nitrogen, the compressed air is transferred to the second sieve bed. During the process, from the first sieve bed some of the oxygen and additional nitrogen is sent back to the atmosphere. The process switches again, as the second sieve bed is occupied with nitrogen. Due to this, there is a continuous flow of concentrated oxygen into the tank which eventually passes through plastic tubing to reach the masks and helps the patient to efficiently absorb the oxygen. 

Oxygen concentrator simply work on these principles -

  1. Acquire air from the environment
  2. Compresses the oxygen.
  3. Takes off nitrogen from air.
  4. Process the way the air is delivered.
  5. Delivers the oxygen to the patient.
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